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The amiando API is the best way to connect your website, software, applications, CRM, ERP and tracking with amiando and your events.


There are endless possibilities how to use the amiando API. Here are some examples:

Integrate ticket shops and registration forms into your website:
You do not need a programmer to do this, as it is as easy as click-click-click. Take a look at our wide range of widgets (ticket shop, registration forms, calendars, photos, and many more) at the menu item "Integration" in your event's administration area.
Connect your application with amiando:
Let your application connect to amiando and use data from events and participants. Take a look at the amiando Event Management API. Take a look at the amiando App Showcase to see what others are using the API for.
Synchronize your CRM or ERP with amiando:
Retrieve data from events, participants and payments to have your CRM and ERP systems synced automatically. Take a look at the amiando Event Management API.
Integrate your analytics and e-commerce tracking:

Tracking the traffic to your event page and shop is as easy as adding your account ID into a textbox. Please have a look at our Google Analytics documentation for more details.

If you do not want to use Google Analytics; using simple tracking pages takes only 3 lines of code to connect your e-commerce tracking to your events. Take a look at amiando Tracking Webhooks.

These are only a few typical examples, but it does not stop here. Take a look at our API documentation overview and our app showcase to find the right API for you.

How to get started

The amiando API comes in a variety of flavors and is available free of charge. Read on to get your project started